Positive Rainbow Support

Every Wednesday a sexual health stall on ground floor Wood Green Library (excluding public holidays), from 2:00 – 4:00 pm

Positive Rainbow Support is a support group for gay or bisexual men, or MSM, who are HIV+. This service is hosed by Wise Thoughts.

These meetings offer a safe, secure, and confidential place to receive support and advice. This service is FREE, but we do require that people get in touch with us before attending in order to receive event details.

We also offer advice, support around sexual health needs (including free condom distribution) on every Wednesday: A sexual health stall on ground floor, Wood Green Library, London N22 6XD.

Long term partners are welcome. Please pass this information on to whose who may be interested in this service.

“I’m glad that Positive Rainbow meetings exist;  it is important to have a safe and
non-judgmental space to get advice.”

Wise Thoughts
2nd Floor, Wood Green Library

UK / Tel: 020 888 99 555
info (at) wisethoughts (dot) org

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