#WiseOUT Schools workshops

#WiseOUT is our Schools workshop / presentation initiative that tackles homophobia, biphobia and transphobia and promotes wider diversity in schools/ educational settings. #WiseOUT is partly supported by John Lyon’s Charity.

#wiseOUT schools workshops, presentations report 2017-18

Schools, Educational institutes and community groups who would like to book a workshop or presentation, please get in touch with us : 020 888 99 555 / info (at) wisethoughts (dot) org

Year 8 Tutor: “All students participated but it particularly suited some more challenging students who enjoyed the group work.”

Year 9 Tutor: “*Mustafa’s attitudes visibly changed, at the start he wouldn’t engage with the subject; refusing to take part in the first activity. By the end of the workshop he performed a person who had gay parents.”


RAP developed in a #WiseOUT session: 

They’ve known me for this long, why should things change?

Why can’t they arrange a new mindset and accept those who range

From LGBT, why can’t it be like TV,

Why can’t a knight in shining armour come down and save me?

I’m still the same person I was yesterday, right?

A nose, two eyes, still got 20/20 sight.

A pen and paper’s is all I’ve got to show how I feel,

I can never right my wrongs unless I write ‘em down for real.


Life is love, yet no one loves who’s in my eyes.

Hope turns to demise, I’m considering suicide,

Loving myself is complicated, all my friends were lies,

This is my story, *Jermaine kills himself and dies.